Portraits of Isabella Pecorari for MIT News

Isabella Pecorari, a senior at MIT who is an aspiring med student began her fascination with science with an insatiable interest in biology. She is now working with several organizations around campus helping people with brain injuries and working with a student-run organization called, Peer Ears in which under Pecorari's leadership hosts dorm-wide study breaks that addresses common mental health issues students in college face. After a horse riding accident in her sophomore year in college left Pecorari in the hospital with a broken back in five different places, she had a new respect for being a patient and wants to become a doctor after graduation this year from MIT.

Portraits of Yazmin Guzman for MIT News

I got to learn a little bit about Yazmin Guzman after spending time with her during a portrait session for MIT News recently. This MIT dual bachelors and masters program major in urban studies and education is determined to change the academic landscape to provide educational opportunities to all K-12 students. She holds her Mexican heritage close and hopes to bring her past experiences with language and socio economic inequalities she saw as a student in elementary school and continues to see today to effect positive change as a teacher. Here is the story