Boston Portraits

Portraits of Isabella Pecorari for MIT News

Isabella Pecorari, a senior at MIT who is an aspiring med student began her fascination with science with an insatiable interest in biology. She is now working with several organizations around campus helping people with brain injuries and working with a student-run organization called, Peer Ears in which under Pecorari's leadership hosts dorm-wide study breaks that addresses common mental health issues students in college face. After a horse riding accident in her sophomore year in college left Pecorari in the hospital with a broken back in five different places, she had a new respect for being a patient and wants to become a doctor after graduation this year from MIT.

Anjali Misra for MIT News

This portrait shoot of Anjali Misra was one of my last assignments for late 2017. Anjali who is a senior majoring in brain and cognitive sciences also works as an MIT campus EMT. She was just awarded the Mitchell Scholarship to pursue a masters in public health at University College Cork in Ireland before returning back to the states to pursue her degree in medicine.

Billy Ndengeyingoma for MIT

I recently photographed Billy Ndengeyingoma for MIT News on a profile piece about the civil engineer turned urban planner who is seeking to improve affordable housing in Africa and more specifically in his home city of Kigali, Rwanda. Billy is certainly an inspiring guy that is already using his education from MIT to give back to his community.