Flashes of Hope

Over the last few years I have worked with an organization called Flashes of Hope that hires photographers on a volunteer basis to photograph sick children in Boston area hospital. I have photographed many children with life-threatening diseases, but no matter what the situation was, it has always been an amazing sight to see just how strong and resilient these children (and their parents) are in sometimes, the most dire of circumstances. 

A couple of days ago I felt very privileged to witness an event I had never seen before while doing this kind of work. A little girl was given the news that she was finally well enough to go home after undergoing a major medical procedure. 

Most of the children I photograph are usually too sick to move out of their beds, but this little girl was quite the exception and I certainly got my workout trying to keep up with her when only month's ago she could barely walk.

The nurses surprised her with streamers strewn across her hospital room door way she got to run through to mark her triumphant leave 

What made this shoot also kind of special was that this little girl had received over 3,500 get well cards since Christmas from complete strangers after her desire for Christmas cards got out in the news over the holiday season.

That smile and infectious little voice filled with laughter certainly made my day.